Workshop on “Tutki” and Upcycling Furniture


Workshop on “Tutki” and Upcycling Furniture by Katarzyna Herman Janiec / September 27 – October 1, 2016. The workshop wa conducted in collaboration with Fablab of Tech Park in Tbilisi. Within the workshop, Katarzyna Herman Janiec (Poland) worked with local craft teachers and professionals, as well as with the representatives of socially engaged educational institutions that focus on craft in their practice.
The aim of the workshop was to work together with local participants and transfer knowledge (train the trainers) regarding the use of old newspapers in upcycling techniques of disposed furniture, as well as in creating new objects of domestic use. The workshop integrated the machinery of Fablab in the creation of upcycled objects. Katarzyna Herman Janiec emphasizes that in design she is interested in “simplicity and functionality”. While working with ecological materials, she creates furniture and additions that refer to handicraft and folk traditions. In the multi-functional seats, baskets, receptacles, weaves/“pleciaki” she makes use of a certain technology of weaving wicker, which she substitutes with cornets made from twisted newspapers. The right choice of colors results in aesthetics of furniture inspired by local folk patterns. The designer expanded the DIY idea with her Cornets / Tutki design.

The project is organized by Social Photography Caucasus Foundation. Curators: Tamara Bokuchava and Data Chigholashvili. The project was financially supported by Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency.

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