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Our work represents educative and awareness raising project to advocate safe closure of the Kutaisi (Nikea district) landfill and dissemination of information on its current status, using visual media and artistic tools for social change. Project also tends to activate good citizenship practices and provokes public stakeholders to have well informed and active public for the sake of social consciousness within the general public.

Project is administered by Social Photography Caucasus foundation with USAID – EWMI’s policy, advocacy, and civil society development in Georgia (G-PAC) program 


On July 25, 2011, the mayor of Kutaisi signed an agreement with the German Bank for Reconstruction and Development to close and relocate the Kutaisi landfill. However, since the signing of this agreement, no further actions have been taken to close and move the landfill.  The local population is not aware of any planned activities related to the landfill, and government officials and other relevant actors have not communicated any status updates to the public

Hence, we strongly believe, that with only artistic activism and visual media tools this problem can be brought close to the citizens and push the government and state actors responsible first to publish details about the current situation and future planned activities.

The reason to pursue this project is to advocate already identified existing health and ecology threatening problems that people don’t know about, because they are ignorant about its consequences and media does not consider it important neither government puts it on the top of their agenda. The public should know when it will be closed and the alternative to it in order to avoid new damp sites.

Outcome Of The Project

We have investigated above-mentioned problem. Made field visits and meetings with people, NGO’s and all the responsible public bodies. Hence, gathered all the currently available material and became well aware of the current status. According the current information given by responsible bodies and NGO’s at the Nikea landfill cells are being organized, cracked fence that was polluting river Rioni is being repaired. New area is found and decision is made for the construction of new ecologically friendly landfill, which should become operational in 2016.

Finally, We have documented (video, photo) existing reality; have made documentary reportages with interviews and educative social video that was placed on public TV1 and social media. All the information was distributed within the supporters and responsible NGO’s, so it has visibility with broader public and provokes further discussions. To watch the video reportage please click here: შენი უფლებაა იცოდე,


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