TOLERANTIA – The Photo Exhibition / Religion


From February 2012 till November 2012, Social Photography Caucasus Foundation has worked on project “Tolerantia” under its main theme “more civism – less cynicism” in the framework of arts for advocacy grant program with EWMI’s policy, advocacy, and civil society development in Georgia (G-PAC). The exhibition curated by Tamara Bokuchava, Social Photography Caucasus Foundation has pleasure to present photographs of religious and sexual minorities in Georgia complimented by the video installation, which consists series of social TV spots and 30 min. interview/reportage of persons actively involved in tolerance, minority matters and social coherence in Georgia.

Without supporting organizations, individuals, dedicated documentary photographers and videographers our project would have never seen its light.

Photographers who worked on the project are; George Tsagareli, Nikoloz Tarielashvili, Tamara Bokuchava, Mariam Amurvelashvili, Temo Bardzimashvili and Salome Sagaradze. Tamara Bokuchava, Salome Sagaradze and Oto Bichiashvili worked on social TV spots and documentary reportage for the video installation. There are several aspects about the presented work, which should be highlighted.

The project is marked by artistic contradictions where we can see religious minorities and LGBT members under one umbrella. Hence, transmitting the message, that all should be treated equally and there must not be revocation of one group by another.

Additional remarkable thing is, that it is first time we have managed to openly show, that orientation is not a crime, but a civil right. Also, nobody has authority to bind us by religious monogamy.

Allegorically, project is criticism of cultural artifacts and it is committed to the progress of Georgian society by refusing to be happy and content with the present.

The whole exhibition is marked by optimistic spirit, as we believe that positive images can transmit light, where each of us can clearly see dark shadows, where improvement is needed.

Throughout presented pictures, our aim is to educate/raise awareness on LGBT group and religious minorities presented in Georgia.

Cultivate the consciousness of tolerance, solidarity and spiritual intelligence so secluded within the Georgian public. Contribute to positive change of Georgian citizens’ attitude towards homophobia and religious intolerance.