Tamara Bokuchava


Born in 1973, Tbilisi, Georgia

Holds DEA title for PhD studies in social communications from the University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain; Postgraduate degree in photography and design from Elisava superior school of design, Barcelona, Spain and MSc in International business from Royal university of Groningen, the Netherlands

Founder of Social Photography Caucasus foundation in 2011 Ms. Bokuchava has produced curated and participated in socially conscious art projects using urban art, documentary photography and visual media tools for social change

Solo Works

“Pravda Stories” – Soviet idiosyncrasy, describing social interactions at Soviet style “Atelier”. Georgia 2014

“Save the children Georgia” reconstructive lives photo project. Georgia, 2012

“Last paradise of the world”, the Galapagos Islands, supported by British Council. Georgia, 2005

“Byblos and the new wonder of the world” photo exhibition together with KSB bank, Georgia, 2007

Collaborative Art Projects and Formation:

UNICEF – TOR photographer for UNICEF Georgia 2015 – Present

“Citizenship is responsibility” – Group leaders for the “inside out” project by JR in Tbilisi, Georgia 2014

DRC – Consultant for photography training course – 2014

Kolga Tbilisi 2015 International photo week – Portrait Workshop with Brian Griffin, The Art of Making Photo Books with Wolfgang Zurborn 01-05/2015

“Megazine DIDI” realized in the framework of a workshop by Marius Land and Moritz Freudenberg, in collaboration with Geoair Archidrome. The aim of the workshop was to capture several significant places in Tbilisi by collecting photographic images and found material 04-2015

“A Pretty Pretty Issue” of a … zine. The Issue is edited in Istanbul, Turkey, Feb. 9-14 2015 By Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katharina Stadler

“Cooking imaginations Tbilisi migrant stories”- the project is created and presented by GeoAIR with the financial support of the Prince Claus Fund. Project addresses the issue of migrants’ lives and integration challenges in Tbilisi.

“Visual storytelling Tbilisi migrant stories” – the project is created and presented by GeoAIR with the financial support of the Borderland Foundation. Series of workshops conducted to schoolchildren for learning basics of doing ethnographic fieldwork and documentary photo techniques for making visual documentaries, with the end purpose to use art of photography and power of the image for storytelling

“Waste Wrestlers” – Information raising and advocating for closer of illegal waste dumpster in Kutaisi, Georgia, using media tools for social change; Project director, Georgia 2014

53/5 by Eltono, Ferro Alloys factory wall project in Zestafoni. Curator; Georgia 2013

“Art Active”, EU funded community based urban art festival in Georgia. Curator; Joint Projects with Boamistura, Spain; ELTONO, France; Basurama, Spain; Kamil Kuzko, Poland ; Georgia 2013-2014

“Childhood for every kid”; Photo, social TV spot and social documentary reportage to advocate preschool education for kids with hearing and speech disabilities in Georgia. Curator; Georgia 2013

Kolga Tbilisi International photo week. Exhibitions: “Homefront” by Robert Go and “In the quiet country” (Herri Ixilean) by Jon Cazenave; Curator/project coordinator; Georgia 2013

“Every Child Is Unique” – Educative/awareness raising advocacy for rights of disabled children in Georgia by using art of visual media. Curator; 2013

Save the Children – Collaborative projects 2012

Power of the positive image for social coherence; TV3 Barcelona, program “Tot un món”, Barcelona, Spain. Participant; Georgia 2012

“Tolerantia”, USAID – EWMI funded project social advocate through art and culture. Visual media tools to advocate LGTB and religious minority rights in Georgia. Georgia Participant/ Curator; Georgia 2012

“Faces of autism” photos by George Tsagareli and educative TV and poster campaign to raise awareness about with autism in Georgia. Curator; Georgia 2012

Kolga Tbilisi International Photo Week, “Selected works by George Tsagareli”. Co-curator; Georgia 2012

“Acceptance begins with you”, Photo exhibition hosted by Heinrich Boell foundation south Caucasus, dedicated to IDAHO week in cooperation with LGBT Georgia. Georgia. Curator; 2012

Barcelona Upside-down”, the final photos project for Elisava School of design. Barcelona, Spain 2007