Svaneti Art Camp


In collaboration with Balkani Wildlife Society, Green Alternative and CEE Bankwatch Network Social Photography Caucasus Foundation participated in two-day Art Camp, from June 6-11, 2016 with local youth in 3 different villages ( Chuberi, Khaishi and Nakra) of Svaneti, Georgia. The objective of the workshops were meant to master usage of photography as a tool for social awareness and self-expression and thus provide basic skills and knowledge necessary for visual story-telling and writing. Photographers Rosa Vroom and Tamara Gurgenidze along with the writer Rusudan Kaishauri intensively worked with local youth. At the hearth of each community participants practiced on how to better express themselves through writing and photography, developed creativity and were able to tell others about their life in Svaneti.

Workshop was developed as the educational program for groups at risk of social exclusion or isolation. Workshops called “I see from my heart ” are carried out inside and outside the story telling project as a good tool and experience to strengthen the visual education for persons through photography, writing and provide them with critical capacity against the vast amount of images that we receive on a daily basis.

The workshops have ongoing characteristic and organizers are planning to exhibit and/or publish locally and Internationally all the stories collected from Svaneti Art Camp participants. Visit the project page for more information at

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