Mariam Amurvelashvili
Here are about 5000 Nigerians in Georgia. Most of them are students, some work. Recently attacks and acts of physical violence towards them became more frequent. They avoid communication with Georgians and prefer to keep to themselves. Students come to Georgia because studying here is cheaper than in European countries. This is the chance for them to get a better education. Much to their surprise in Georgia ,which is known for its hospitality, they face a different attitude towards black foreigners. They are often verbally abused on the streets and in public places. People often say that they don’t belong to Georgia and should go to their countries. Even in Universities most of the local students avoid contact and friendship with them. Therefore they feel isolated and lonely in Georgia.


Sergi Barisashvili 

Temo Bardzimashvili

Gogi Tsagareli

Daro Sulakauri

Dina Oganova ( Dikarka)

Jana Romanova

Tamara Bokuchava