George Tsagareli

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Born in 1947, Tbilisi, Georgia

The outstanding Georgian photojournalist, world-class documentary photographer George Tsagareli gets interested in photography only at the age of 32 when his first son is born. Engineer by profession starts to take his child photos with his old soviet SLR camera.It is when he chooses journalistic photography as his future profession for next 27 years and fully dedicates himself to photojournalism. Currently working as a free lance photographer he has worked as photo journalist for the agencies and newspapers such as “Georgia’s Newspaper, “Youth of Georgia”; journal “Dialogue”, “Georgian Information agency”, “Prime news” etc. He is the author of the most precious archive of documentary photography of many significant events taking place in USSR, Soviet Georgia and post USSR years.

The art of photography for Mr. Tsagareli is the way of life, which can be easily detected from each and every photo, where he truly feels his vision. His Images tell real stories with great emotions, evoke sentimental feelings while with determination and objectivity he is decrypting the ambiances and travel us thought the history with a particular event or a personage from the photos.

Solo Projects:
2012 – “The Faces Of Autism” dedicated to world autism day, 2nd of April organized by the Social Photography Caucasus Foundation and Autism Society of Georgi
2004 – House of Social Therapy.(Portraits of people who undergo treatment for social reintegration)
2003 – “The Alcoholism” (About former doctor who suffers from alcohol addiction)
2002 – Personal exhibition (selected photos)
2001 – “Lonely” (photo story about lonely and poor man)
1998 – “Jerusalem” personal exhibition. Tbilisi, Georgia
1994 – “The War Faces” personal exhibition. Tbilisi, Georgia
1986 – Personal exhibition (selected photos) Tbilisi, Georgia
1985 – “Soviet Army” – Personal photo exhibition. Tbilisi, Georgia

Group works:
2006- Group exhibitions with other Georgian photographers
London, UK,Bratislava, Slovakia
1999 – Group Exhibition : GeorgischeKünstler/innen – Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna
1988 – Group exhibition with the group “point of view”.