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The project under the theme “Pre-school Education Is My Right” is a collaborative one between Social Photography Caucasus Foundation with children and youth fund of Georgia funded by EWMI G-PAC. The idea is to show shortcomings within the inclusive reform for the education sector when it comes to preschool education for children with speech and hearing disabilities. Since the reform was introduces (2009) special schools where abolished and children with speech and hearing disabilities, especially the once from outside of Tbilisi, where forced to stay home. There is lack of trained teachers who can meet needs of such children. Stigma of sign language continues to be a problem, as no educative campaigns are offered for parents and the society in general. In Tbilisi only one kindergarten is operating who offers preschool education for this category of children and others are not yet fully equipped or ready to meet their needs. Nevertheless, almost nothing is available in the provinces besides Batumi and Kutaisi. Therefore, the project is an advocacy of rights of children with hearing and speech disabilities, as “Education of young children should be anchored in everyday issues at home, in childcare centers, in early education programs and other community settings with which young children can identify.” (Article 29) Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In the framework of the project, Social Photography Caucasus Foundation has made short documentary to demonstrate existing reality, 3 different series of educative social TV spots where produced and broadcasted on GPB, 500 posters with slogan “pre-school education is my right” and the documentary photo collage with portraits of kids who where part of the project to be exhibited during the final event. The core purpose is to develop draft action plan of further coordinated approach among governmental and non-governmental organizations. Develop policy recommendations. Submit the action plan and package of recommendations to the government.