Social Photography Caucasus Foundation has worked with CFA to raise awareness about autism in Georgia by providing video and photo visual material. Series of educative videos has been produced and broadcasted on GPB and photo exhibition “faces of autism” by George Tsagareli was launched to celebrate the world autism awareness day.

It is estimated that 1% of the world’s population suffers from an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, according to Nino Darsavelidze, Director of the Autism Society of Georgia (ASG), “autism awareness in Georgia is still very low.”

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On Wednesday, 16 May, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office hosts a public debate on “Freedom and Fear”.

Speakers: Tata Tsopurashvili – Philosopher, Ilia State University, Assistant Professor; Giorgi Tabagari – MA in Social Science, Chairperson, LGBT Georgia. Moderator: Nino Danelia.

For IDAHO, the HBF will host a photo exhibition “Acceptance Begins With Yourself” in cooperation with LGBT Georgia and Social Photography Caucasus Foundation. Continue Reading

SELECTED WORKS BY GEORGE TSAGARELI/გიორგი ცაგარელის საუკეთესო ნამუშევრების კრებული


During the International Kolga Tbilisi photo festival 2012 Lika Mamatsashvili (Georgian National Museum) and Tamara Bokuchava (Social Photography Caucasus Foundation) have curated the photo exhibition, selected works by George Tsagareli, where Alexander Roinashvili honorary prize was awarded for his outstanding merits for the development of Georgian documentary photography.

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L’actualité on minorities in Georgia


Depuis qu’elle a obtenu son indépendance, en 1991, la Géorgie a régulièrement été déchirée par des conflits armés entre groupes ethniques. Résultat: des centaines de milliers de personnes appartenant à l’une ou l’autre de ses 26 communautés ont été contraintes de se déplacer ailleurs sur le territoire.

Jadis source d’instabilité, ce multiculturalisme semble néanmoins mieux accepté chez les Géorgiens «pure laine», et l’élection en octobre dernier d’une coalition formée de plusieurs partis d’opposition laisse présager des jours meilleurs pour ces minorités. Continue Reading

First Tbilisi Triennial – Offside Effect


19 October–20 November 2012 Curators: Henk Slager, Wato Tsereteli. In the world of visual art, many events have come to the fore with a strong focus on the academy’s status in both the cultural and theoretical arena.

Strikingly, these events all seemed to continuously draw attention to strict processes such as the introduction of the Bologna Accord or meticulous attempts to describe research and artistic knowledge production.

Those often strict forms of quantifying and defining necessitate at their turn anew the investigation of what the academy is about. Continue Reading



„სხვა სხეული“ – ექსპერიმენტული, მულტიმედიური გამოფენაა.

„წარმოიდგინე შენი სხვა სხეული“ – მოცემულობაა, რომელიც ცამეტმა არტისტმა შეასრულა.

პროექტი „სხვა სხეული“, ცდა, ექსპერიმენტი, ერთგვარი თამაშია.

არტისტი ქმნის თავისსავე სხვა სხეულს. ფორმას. სხეულს, როგორიც მას წარმოუდგენია. ფორმას, რომელსაც აცნობიერებს თავისი არსებობის შესაძლო ახალ სხეულად. Continue Reading

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