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The project under the theme “Pre-school Education Is My Right” is a collaborative one between Social Photography Caucasus Foundation with children and youth fund of Georgia funded by EWMI G-PAC. The idea is to show shortcomings within the inclusive reform for the education sector when it comes to preschool education for children with speech and hearing disabilities. Since the reform was introduces (2009) special schools where abolished and children with speech and hearing disabilities, especially the once from outside of Tbilisi, where forced to stay home. Continue Reading

2013 Joop Swart Masterclass featuring Dina Oganova



1992-93 war of cession of Abkhazia from Georgia resulted in Georgian military defeat, de facto independence for Abkhazia, and the ethnic cleansing and exodus of thousands of Georgians. Today, Abkhazia is recognized only by Russia and a handful of other countries. Some 200,000 people displaced by the conflict now live in Georgia, largely in buildings such as former schools, hospitals and hotels, which the Georgian government made available to shelter them. One such is ‘Student City’ in Tbilisi a 14 story building (intended as student accommodation before the refugees arrived) without a working elevator, and with water and electricity supply problems. Abkhazia is a painful topic for many Georgians. The people I spoke to in the Student City all believed that they would return ‘home’ one day. For me, this was an embodiment of hope it had to do with time, patience, and an expectation of happiness.  Continue Reading


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7-8th of October at 11:30 A.M. in Rustavi, Chkondideli settlement (Internatebi) in the yard of  #41 kindergarten, “Internews Georgia” with two invited artists/curators Tamara Bokuchava (Social photography Caucasus foundation), Nini Palavansishvili (GeoAIR) under EU patronage and other supporting organizations is arranging first urban art festival “Art Active” 2013.

Planed activity is based on urban community art tools and meant to integrate local community especially youth in transforming their urban space by giving new definition to it. The event will take place from 2-8thof October and is supported by Rustavi Municipality and Youth Center of Rustavi City. Continue Reading


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Urban Art Festival “Art Active” 2013. 3-4th of August at 11:00 A.M. in Mestia, Svaneti near Lekhtagi and Seti park territory, “Internews Georgia” under EU patronage and other supporting organizations organized the first urban art festival “Art Active” 2013

The event is organized by “Internews Georgia” and two local independent artists: Tamara Bokuchava (Social photography Caucasus foundation), Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR) and invited artist from London, UK, Richard Raynolds ( The event is indirect advocacy for plastic waste reduction and waste dumpster opening possibility in the nearest future. Planed activity is meant to integrate kids from 5 different schools of Svaneti with local population in order to work together by cleaning polluted areas of Mestia. Richard along with all the participants will be using tool of guerilla gardening to give life to dead and gloomy areas of the city, that after recent reconstruction became artificial, dull and lack of green. Canvas bags especially made by school children with messages “show your nature” will be promoted for the future usage as substitution to plastic bags in Svaneti. Alongside, workshop will be held to educate and raise awareness in local population about the plastic waste damage to nature. There will be creative “Don’t litter” sighs hanged around the city of Mestia. Continue Reading


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16th of June at 11:00 A.M. Zugdidi, in the yard of  #1 public school, “Internews Georgia” under EU patronage and other supporting organizations is organizing first urban art festival “Art Active” 2013.

The event is organized by Internews Georgia with two local independent curators: Tamara Bokuchava (Social photography Caucasus foundation), Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR) and the group of five invited artists from Madrid, Spain, “Boamistura” The concept is using the tool of community art for the sake of integrating kids while making graffiti, story telling and other cultural activities. Such as flash mob, working with clay, where they have freedom of color viagra and shape, sports competition, fun contests etc. 20 Kids from Tbilisi public school #203 with hearing and speech disabilities will work and integrate together with kids of the same age group from Zugdidi #1 public school. Continue Reading

INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY / ბავშვთა საერთაშორისო დღე


To celebrate International Children’s day Coalition for Childhood Disability and Social Photography Caucasus Foundation under USAID EWMI G-PAC funding invite you share joy and unlimited abilities of children who will play fun sports games together. Venue: Gldani Sports complex. Vekua street 6. June 1, 2013 at 12.00 P.M.

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