Art Active 2014 With Basurama in Batumi Georgia /August 18-23

From 22 to 29th of August in Batumi Boulevard (around lighthouse territory and gallery 41N41E) organization “Lets Meet Europe” under EU financial support, Batumi municipality and other supporters launched the urban art festival “Art Active” 2014 Batumi activity.The event was organized by “Lets meet Europe” (Action Global Communications) with 2 local curators: Tamara Bokuchava (social photography Caucasus foundation), Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR) and invited collective from Madrid, Spain, Basurama (

The main concept was to use tool of community art for integrating local community, especially youth. The idea is to communicate values for ecology, environmental protection and change the way we look at trash. With our urban interaction we get closer to the duality consumption / waste and its social and environmental impact. The event is joint work with “Basurama” and local students to construct an artistic installation for open-air cinema using plastic bags and used tires.

Basurama is a forum for discussion and reflection on trash, waste and reuse in all its formats and possible meanings. It was born in Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM) in the year 2001 and, since then, it has evolved and acquired new shapes.The aim is to study those phenomena inherent in the massive production of real and virtual trash in the consumer society, providing points of view on the subject that might generate new thoughts and attitudes. They find gaps in these processes of production and consume that raise questions about the way we manage our resources but also about the way we think, we work, we perceive reality. The urban art festival “Art Active” is the first of its type in Georgia. The Urban art takes inspiration from many countries of Europe and addresses directly and immediately the general public of any segment of audience, especially youth. Our team initiates art activities for people with inspiration sources storytelling and philosophy to come up with the most effective way to express and visualize thoughts, dreams and new visions.