“Visual Music” 53/3 by Eltono in Zestafoni, Georgia took place from 14-18 th of October, 2013. It was the experimental based on strictly atmospheric noise randomness. The artist has created 53 abstract geometric figures in 8 different color range, also based on randomness.

The project was funded by Zestafoni FerroAlloy plant (www.gaalloys.com) and curated by two local independent artists: Tamara Bokuchava (Social Photography Caucasus Foundation) and Nini Palavandishvili ( Geoair Archidrome ) with invited French urban space artist Eltono.

French artist Eltono (1975) worked in Madrid for the last decade, and since 2010 lives in Beijing. He started his street art career with the usual tools of the trade – spray paint cans. After ten years of bombing, his practice diverged as he evolved his artistic style using acrylic paints and tape to develop an abstract geometric language. Eltono is known for his constructive criterion and his sensitivity to medium and location. He always improvises his forms viagra online and colors in situ to integrate within the existing balance. He also chooses neglected surfaces with the intention of reviving their dignity and making use of their aged textures and abandoned states; For more information please visit artist’s web page at: http://www.eltono.com/en/projects/zestafoni/


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